My Projects

London-Paris 2014 Microsoft for
UK Youth Cycling Challenge | 2014

In 2013, I had a thought… and from a simple thought, I devised a plan. During my 14-month placement at Microsoft, I took on a 3 day challenge to cycle 330 miles from London to Paris. However, instead of doing it on my own and with no purpose, I wanted to take it one step further. Therefore, I decided to assemble a team of 4 enthusiasts and give our ride a purpose – to raise £14,000 for the UK Youth Charity.

A simple idea suddenly transformed into an 8 month project – a cycling challenge that consisted of countless training miles, numerous fundraising and promotion activities, 200+ supporters and sponsors, senior leadership buy-in and one big accomplishment – £15,000 raised and 330 miles conquered in 3 days in sweat, tears, mud and with no injury.

L2P2014 team: Sarah Lidington, James Griffin, George Moore & Natalia Dobias

Your Career Unlocked | 2014 

As a co-founder of Warwick Management Society, I delivered a presentation to Warwick students in 2012 and 2014 on how to increase their employability in the UK Job Market. The presentation is divided into 2 main parts and contains tips, hints and advice on what to expect and prepare for when applying for an internship, placement or a graduate position. The information presented is not the ‘one-best practice’ type of knowledge. It is rather a set of acquired experience and insights from various job interviews and application processes I have been through so far which I hope many students will find valuable for their job hunt.